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Galina Vale - Newspaper article, Turkey 2017

  Turkey Tour 2017 newsapaper article

Galina Vale in Acropolis (Bergama) Turkey November 2017

  Galina Vale Turkey Tour 2017

Press release about Galina Vale concert tour in Turkey , 2017 

Galina Vale in Acropolis (Bergama, Turkey)

 Galina Vale Turkey Tour November 2017

Galina Vale - am Ambassador of The International Guitar Festival of Great Britain, Floral Pavillion performance, New Brighton, UK

Lynns News article about Galina Vale special concert in Norfolk 2016

Galina Vale concert in Turkey , November 2017

Galina Vale, Newspaper article, Turkey 

Publication in Ordu Hayat newspapaer, Turkey 2017

Galina Vale "Cathedral tour " 2017 Bradford Cathedral, Sound check... 

Galina Vale performance in St Nicholas Cathedral New Castle Upon Tyne 2017

Galina Vale and  famous modern Spanish sculptor Remy Lopez (Remy de Negro) Live TV interview, Spain

Galina Vale concert in France ,Theatre du Colisee de Biarritz 2014

To celebrate 20 th birthday of The International Guitar Festival of Great Britain top guitarists from all over the world have been involved to act as honorary ambassadors to attract other players and help to raise the festival profile. The choosen five are Woody Mann (USA), classical guitarist John Williams (Australia),
jazz guitarist John Etheridge (UK/Europe), classical / flamenco guitarist Galina Vale (Eastern Europe) and Lucky Ranku (South Africa).

Galina Vale - "From Spain with love" Concert in New Mills, UK 2017

                                                                                           Bandirma News , Turkey 2011 Galina Vale concert in Turkey

Elazig  News , Turkey 2011 Galina Vale concert in Turkey

 Galina was one of the best competitors and prise winners of The Bromsgrove International Musicians Competition and was invited to play concerts in Bromsgrove .

Galina Vale playing live on Spanish TV

Article in El Pueblo de Albacete, Spain

Galina Vale and painter Remy de Negro

 Galina Vale concerts organised by Spanish Instituto Cervantes, Manchester, Leeds, London UK

Galina Vale , Ordu Yorum Gazetezi, Turkey 2011

Galina Vale  concert tours , newspaper article, Turkey

Article about Galina Vale  Concert in Adyaman, Turkey

Galina Vale performed in South Korea using beautiful Guitar made by Kim Hee Hong - Alma Guitar

Galina Vale returnes to Leicester, back by popular demand!

Article about Galina Vale in London Newspaper - Ukrainian Thought, London UK

Galina Vale  programme for the concert in London organised by Latin American & Caribbean Cultural Society (LLCCS) and with support of Embassy of Ukraine